Zeynep ATAÇ 


 She happened to be in Bozcaada while chasing the taste of wine with Reşit Soley. She liked the people, the air, the sea, the fish and the crows of the island. She is a typical islander girl. After she left the wine business she liked so much, she insisted on building an olive grove in place of her former vineyard. She bought a house and settled down in the island. She wanted to do something special and permanent for this beautiful island and restorated an old, built in 1870's Greek house preserving its original form and turned it into a boutique hotel. She struggled and worked hard and succeeded. These days she says she will calm down but we don’t know how long that will last. 






  He is a marvelous architect and restorator. He is our Lalik. He always does what he finds right trying not to upset people around him at the same time. He listens to you as much as possible but does little of what you say when it comes to his work. His energy and diligence is an object of curiosity but we know that it must run in the family. He is keen on raising his ovine breed "Sakız koyunu" and his akbash dog. He cannot stand losing weight.  He is a brother to us all without whom this monument wouldn’t exist today.