This beautiful Bozcaada house was built in the last quarter of the 19th century with an outstanding taste and refined aesthetic concerns in a highly developed architecture and a technical substructure well beyond its time. Even if it grew old with time and its walls crumpled up, it still stands out and attracts attention from passersby as a cultural heritage of Bozcaada. Being just beside Church of Mother Mary also suggests its historical significance.


 According to the research and evaluations of master architect Salih Seymen, this is a classical island residential, which is also verified by the materials and especially the wooden application techniques used in the original construction.


 According to the records and the information in our hand, the house was built right after the big Bozcaada fire in 1874. We can genealogize the house up until 1888 with the contributions of our title registry office manager Vahiettin Yamaç. The land registration belonging to 1925 is rather interesting. 37 years before 1925, that is in 1888 the wife of Panayot Hristodulo Lady Hademeni gives the house to her son-in-law, Andon Hristafi, as drahoma (dowry). After that Mister Andon sells the house for 1000 liras in 1946 to Yani Pavli. After Pavli family the house is inherited by Tenedios family -of the current priest of Bozcaada Kimisis Teodoku Greek Orthodox Church that is, the Church of Mother Mary- and finally the Kadanis family respectively.


 The house is rented out to numerous families after the Kadanis family leaves the island in early 1970s and it eventually wears out, falls into decay and left untended and unattended. This is until when the Beydili family, a family also in love with the island, takes the house over from its owners. This beautiful house changes owners once again in 2010 and bought by Sami Şener as a birthday present to his ex-wife Zeynep Ataç, following which the restoration process is initiated.


  Zeynep worked with her cousin Salih Seymen, the master architect and one of the best restorators of Turkey. The house is rebuilt remaining faithful to its original. All the information and documents attained from the museum, official institutions and Greece were made use of in the process. Modern technological knowledge and materials were also used as efficiently as possible to preserve the original. As a result, this beautiful Bozcaada house regained its former glory as an eight-room boutique hotel thanks to Zeynep, who are thus happy and proud of reintroducing a long-forgotten cultural monument to the island.


Now this lovely house is waiting for new friends and guests. We hope that you love and enjoy it.